Wk 1 - What is? Performance Management.

Hello, I’m Peta Cussell from Project Ops and this is the beginning of a 10-week program we have started involving a weekly "What is?", covering an HR topic of interest and posted straight to your inbox.

This week’s topic is Performance Management.

The performance management process should be used as a positive and constructive tool of measuring your employee’s performance, while also assisting supervisors to provide valuable feedback to employees, concerning their job performance.

Performance management is key to: higher productivity; improved morale; and ultimately staff retention. 

The performance appraisal (or review) is intended to break down barriers and maintain open communication, creating an atmosphere that allows a candid approach to discussions. The review needs to be done in private and is a two-way conversation. 

Planning is critical, as is allowing a solid time to prepare. Objectives should include:

  • Reviewing and discussing the position description, goals and standards;
  • Recognising strengths and achievements;
  • Discussing previously identified improvement areas;
  • Discussing training needs; and
  • Prior review of his or her self-appraisal and discussing areas of agreement and difference.

It is key that reviews are conducted every 6-12 months and the original and signed document is retained for 3-5 years following termination.
It is also key to conduct ongoing observations and measurements to track performance. The supervisor should observe the employee's performance against a set of KPI’s and assess accordingly. Ongoing feedback about performance and how well results are being achieved is key to improve or reinforce performance. 

If performance meets the desired standards - reward for performance. This is often overlooked. One-off rewards are probably more manageable and controllable, for example a bonus instead of an increase in base pay.

Once a Performance Management system is set-up with supporting documentation, it is relatively easy to roll out across your business. But consistency is key!

Project Ops works with small businesses to develop a Performance Management system that works, and also provides training and guidance to ensure value is gained from the process.

If your business is yet to establish a Performance Management system and you don’t know where to start or you need advice on managing staff performance, please get in touch!


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