4 Crucial Reasons Small Businesses are turning to Outsourcing

By Peta Cussell

If you’re a small business owner then you’ll be familiar with wearing more than just one hat when it comes to running your business. You’ve likely spent a considerable amount of time handling a varied range of tasks and processes to save yourself some money when you were first getting started. Accounting, marketing, recruitment, customer service, website management…. Does this sound familiar?

As your business begins to grow you’ll find that every moment you spend consumed by these essential but laborious tasks, is time you aren’t able to spend doing the things you do best: running, growing and improving your business. Finding yourself or key members of your staff embroiled in non-revenue generating tasks can be frustrating and slow down the growth of your business. It is especially critical to the success of a small business for it’s key staff members to be focusing their time and skills on the jobs they are most qualified for.

But does this mean you have to turn to hiring more full-time staff to take care of these essential business processes? Does it mean needing to spend more money on ongoing wages and salaries? Not necessarily. If you’ve engaged with an accounting firm to manage your business finances, or if you’ve dealt with a web agency to manage designing and updating your website then you’re already part of one of Australia’s fastest growing small business trends: outsourcing.

A 2016 report revealed that although companies often undertake tasks such as recruitment in-house, outsourcing specialists are often able to perform the job more efficiently and at a lower cost due to their high level of expertise. The report concludes that outsourcing allows businesses to focus on performing higher value activities. Due to its success with businesses of all sizes, the outsourcing industry is projected to grow by 2.2% annually for at least the next 5 years.

That said, here are the 4 biggest reasons outsourcing is one of the fastest growing industries in Australia, and why you should jump on board:


1.    To save costs on infrastructure, salaries, technology and overheads

Paying a professional for their time only when required means you don’t need to fork out a full-time salary with sick leave, holiday leave and superannuation. Nor do you need to worry about a desk, computer, extra office space, and the list goes on.  Instead, you only pay a contract fee and when the contract comes to an end, so does the expense.

2.    To free up key members of staff so they can focus on what they do best

If we had a dollar for every time we hear about an employee such as a Marketing Manager taking on the task of recruiting a new employee – well, we’d have a lot of gold coins! There’s a lot to consider when recruiting – job descriptions, reviewing CVs, candidate interviews, reference checks, employee orientation, maintaining benefits, managing employee files… By diverting your Marketing Manager’s attention away from the job they know best, you’re costing your business valuable time, money and productivity and the job may not be done right. 

3.    To get access to the best talent available

Limiting yourself to hiring only employees with full-time availability and within close geographic proximity to your business is to cut yourself off from some of Australia’s best talent. Businesses that specialise in outsourcing have done the hard work of finding the best possible candidate with expert training and professional experience and they’re ready to work for you immediately.

4.    To improve efficiency and flexibility

Having the flexibility to only hire for certain roles as you require them gives you the freedom to better utilise budgets, and easily start, stop and resume services when it suits you. Not to mention the boost in efficiency your business will experience when resources are properly appropriated and every aspect of your business functions are being handle by exactly the right person.


So it’s evident that outsourcing is so much more than providing a temporary solution to a temporary problem – the knock-on effect of outsourcing has an efficiency-inducing, cost-saving result that ripples throughout your entire business.

If you haven’t already started outsourcing vital business functions – now is the time! Give your small business the boost it needs and spend your time focusing on growth. Let a professional take care of the time-consuming nitty-gritty stuff!


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