outsourcing your business pRoCesses

Most small to medium-sized businesses don’t have a dedicated Operations Manager - a person focused on continually improving the operations of the business. Whether it's ensuring internal business processes are being executed in an efficient manner; managing compliance; planning and managing resources to minimise downtime and ensuring effective utilisation; planning for operations on a bigger scale; or just general management support. This function can effectively and affordably be outsourced to Project Ops.

Project Ops specialises in outsourced operations solutions and can provide assistance in:

  • Business Process Improvement
  • Team Planning
  • Operational Readiness
  • Change Management
  • Management Support



Are your business processes as efficient as they could be?
Do you have the time to review and improve them?
Is there order in your business's day-to-day internal operations?
Are all your resources utilised to the best advantage?

By outsourcing this function to Project Ops, we can provide professional advice and detailed analysis with regard to the effectiveness of your current business processes. We will deliver a Process Improvement Plan tailored to your business that will enable you to implement streamlined operations, improving efficiency. Once implemented we can also help ensure compliance.



Has your organisational structure evolved with business growth?
Are your Managers spread too thinly?
Are you internally ready to face bigger operations?

By outsourcing this function to Project Ops, we can provide experienced assistance with evaluating your internal team structure and putting measures in place to ensure total team efficiency. Whether you're redeploying staff, hiring or training - we can help with the lot. If restructuring is required, we can assist with managing this change as well as defining roles and recruiting for any new positions.



New area of your business starting or operations commencing on a larger scale?
Are you operationally ready to launch?
Is your business undergoing substantial growth? 

Are you internally ready to face it?

By outsourcing this function to Project Ops, we can help you to ensure your business or project is properly equipped to deal with growth. Operational readiness can lead to reduced cost, increased efficiencies and delivery of the best possible results. 



Do you need to introduce a new process or system to your business?
Do you want to implement change in your business quickly and successfully?
Do you have the resources to bring staff up to speed quickly and deliver effective training?

All change regardless of size involves adopting new mindsets, new ways of working, associated processes, policies, practices and changes in behaviour. By outsourcing this function to Project Ops, we can help prepare your business for change including planning and management of the change roll-out, ensuring it happens smoothly and you gain commitment from your employees.



Are you under resourced and need short-term management support?
Do you need to step away from your business for a couple of weeks but need to keep operations rolling?

By outsourcing this function to Project Ops, we can step in and provide the management support needed right at that critical time. We can quickly learn the systems and business processes required to assist on a short-term basis, giving you and your team members peace of mind.