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  • Is your business HR compliant?
  • Don't have a HR Manager but need HR support?
  • Do you need to hire new staff but don’t have the time to do it properly?
  • Are you getting the most out of your existing workforce?

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Human Resource services are a simple and effective function to outsource. Most small to medium-sized organisations do not have an internal HR Manager and so this function is placed on the department manager who is usually too busy to perform the role effectively, particularly when recruiting for a new role is required. CV sifting becomes a total nightmare, let alone finding the time to effectively screen candidates, come up with a shortlist, be involved in a couple of rounds of interviews, reference checks, employee contracts and then mange the new staff on-boarding process.

That's where Project Ops comes in. We become an integrated member of your team and get to know your people, your company and your culture as well as the idiosyncrasies of your various roles, gaining the insight needed to effectively get you set up and compliant; coach management through any tricky HR matters; re-engage your staff; and effectively manage your HR function including any Recruitment needs. HR Management will be one less thing you need to worry about!

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Recruitment agencies have been used time and time again when recruitment becomes too hard to handle internally, but usually it involves a sales consultant completely removed from the business trying to push various candidates on you, then charging a huge placement fee! 

Project Ops is different as we don't work on commission. We take on the responsibility of any Senior Management personnel trying to hire the best staff member, gain the insight needed to hire on their behalf and then manage the recruitment process from end-to-end, only putting forward candidates who we would hire ourselves. And at a fraction of the cost!

Recruitment: How Project Ops is different?

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Not wanting to outsource an entire function? Just want help with recruitment or simply setting up Employee Policies and Guidelines for your staff? Or want to outsource the lot? Project Ops offers tailor made solutions designed to suit your budget and your team’s needs.


  • HR Review - On engagement we conduct a review of your current HR environment, practices and existing HR documentation. This as well as meetings with key staff members, will identify any critical HR issues and allow us to suggest recommendations for any changes and associated actions required.
  • Employment Agreements - The introduction of the Fair Work Act and new Modern Awards have resulted in many businesses finding themselves with Employment Agreements that are referencing incorrect awards and redundant legislation that may be placing them at significant risk. We will review your existing Employment Agreement and then suggest and implement changes based on current legislation and work practices, ensuring that you are fully compliant with all relevant employment laws.
  • HR Documentation, Letters, Forms & Checklists - Keeping your HR Documentation up-to-date with legislation changes can be a challenge. We develop templates for use, customised to the way you employ as well as other employment letters, documentation and scripts and then provide updates to make sure they’re always in line with any legislation or best practice changes that take place.
  • HR Policy Manual & Employee Guidelines - Keeping your HR Policies up-to-date with legislation changes can be a challenge. We develop your HR Policy Manual & Employee Guidelines to meet current business requirements and then provide updates to make sure they’re always in line with any legislation or best practice changes that take place. Customised HR Policies covering: Pay & Conditions; Conduct & Performance; Termination & Redundancy; and EEO & Privacy. We also provide training for management and employees upon implementation.
  • HR Help Desk - From the coaching of managers through difficult employee situations to answering day to day people related queries, we are available via phone or email when you need it.
  • Remuneration - Modern Award and/or market benchmarking for all current and future positions as well as advice and documentation on the implementation of incentive schemes.
  • Performance Management & Performance Appraisals - We work with you to develop a Performance Review system that will work with your business. We also provide training for all employees and managers to ensure you get value from the process.
  • HR Strategy - Initial Audit & Recommendations, Process Improvement, Team Planning, Redesign and Restructure, Change Management.
  • Team Planning - Role Definitions, Position Descriptions, KPI Design, Organisational Chart Creation and Growth Planning.
  • Team Building - Planning, Coordination & Management.
  • Recruitment -  Talent acquisition; design of and daily management of Job Ads; shortlisting applications; scheduling and conducting Interviews; Reference checks; drafting Employment Agreements; Staff Onboarding and Induction.
  • HR Software Implementation - As a certified partner with Employment Hero, we love the simplicity and versatility of this very affordable employment platform. Think automatic and paperless new staff onboarding; easy staff file management and compliant record keeping; leave request management; efficient timesheet processes; simple reporting and performance management tools plus more. We provide set-up, implementation and ongoing support.